Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Letter from a PAFA Grad

Laura Jean,

There is so much good to say to you about the quality of your response to me that it reminds me of every time I have viewed the Barnes Foundation collection of paintings.
For there is a moment when I must pause and catch my breath, as I am struck speechless
by the quality of what I have seen in such a short span, and with more to go and see.
Now I am compelled by your site to appreciate your show not just on the internet
but to go and see the result of your power of generation, artofthegarden, bringing unity to civic expression (the town and its awareness expressed in this undertaking); what it is to garden, and make things grow; the institution of library and its possibilities, its garden-like potentiating of awareness and spirit, all through the human expressiveness of your art and  embracing reach across the region -- as well as offer of connection to all beyond it.  Your website is seamlessly artful in its weaving of these elements. Your website artofthegarden is rendered in light, deservedly proud, touches that take care through its translucent background to never stray from very clear content and purpose that is ever on point.  

How can I not come to Haverford?  And I cannot leave without mentioning great regard for your photographs which deserve separate comment all by themselves.  They make me want to paint.  And to assist you with your program if you ever wish it.

Thank you for writing. And, best of success in your continued work. 

Robert Dromboski,
PAFA alum