Sunday, February 27, 2011


Wild Roses ©2008 Laura Jean Zito
What does the word garden encompass? secret garden, garden parties, garden club, maze garden, garden pool, garden path, winter garden, flower garden, topiary, arboretum, public garden, garden landscaping, garden of eden, coral garden, garden furniture, gazebo, arbor, terrace, cultivation, window boxes,  garden gate, color fields, park, yard, lawn, lawn party, flower, roses, rose garden, azalea garden, roof garden, bird-watching, farming, apple orchards, historical gardens, famous gardens, botanical gardens, oriental gardens,  paradise garden, herb gardens, garden variety, cultivated collection and selection, intersection of man’s desire with nature’s, place to play and recreate, outdoor room, green, roots, sprouting, weeds, growth, fruition,harvest,cornucopia,blossoming, fertility, backyard,bed, conservatory, enclosure,field, greenhouse, hothouse, nursery,oasis, patch, patio, plot, display, fertile, well-cultivated region, large public auditorium or arena, open-air establishment where refreshments are served, to work as a gardener, garden community, take down the garden path,  garden chair, garden flat, formal gardens, grove, plantation, landscaping, market garden, rock garden, sunken garden, tea garden, garden slug, zoological garden, gardenia


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