Thursday, May 26, 2011

Peony's Envy Flower farm in Bloom NOW

Peony's Envy Nursery and Display Garden

The Herbaceous Bloom Begins
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PEONY GARDEN & NURSERY OPEN May 1 - June 15, 11-5 Daily

The herbaceous peony bloom has just begun.

The varieties currently in bloom include the coral cultivars - 
Coral Sunset, Coral Charm, Pink Hawaiian Coral and Silver Dawn. 
Blooms will continue popping for the next few weeks with peak
 anticipated after Memorial Day into the first week of June - 
warm weather will accelerate this, cool cloudy weather will slow it down.

Along with the beginning of the herbaceous bloom a few varieties 
of tree peonies are still in bloom. These include some of our most
requested varieties: the dramatic white and purple crown form
Gansu Tree Peony called Budding Beauty; the yellow peony High Noon,
and the gold and orange peony Golden Pavilion.

An outstanding selection of herbaceous PEONIES ARE FOR SALE
at our nursery. Tree peonies are sold out for the season and will be
 available again in the fall.  

Click here for details and to view the latest pictures of the garden.
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