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ART OF THE GARDEN Application Form

“Art of the Garden”                       Application Form    

                                    April 8, 2011 –June 21, 2011

                           Deadline for entry:   March 10, 2011

                                    Artwork Due by April 4th

           “…let us cultivate our garden.” Voltaire, from Candide

Please refer to the guidelines for the “Art of the Garden”, fill out this form, email it to or AND mail back the signed copy with your check or money order payable to "Friends of the HTFL" to:
“Art of the Garden”
The Friends of The Haverford Township Free Library
P.O. Box 264
Merion, PA 19066





Telephone # home______________________________________




Alternate email________________________________________

Website address_______________________________________



Art of the Garden” Application Form

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Price______________________________Date (optional)______

Insurance Value_________________________________________




Price______________________________Date (Optional)______

Insurance Value_________________________________________





Insurance Value_________________________________________

 “Art of the Garden”Application Form

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Artist’s Statement

One sentence bio


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I, ___________________________, agree that the transport of my artwork to and from Haverford Township Free Library will be done through the postal systems or carried out by myself or my representatives personally, to arrive to the HTFL by April 4, 2011, and that the transport will be at my risk and expense in both directions, as the artwork will be insured only while housed at Haverford Township Free Library. The artwork will be stored in the director’s office (locked) until it is hung. If the artwork is not sold or taken away by me or my representatives after the show’s closing on June 21, 2010, the artwork will be removed from the walls of Haverford Township Free Library on June 22, 2011, wrapped well and tightly in bubblewrap and stored in the library in the director’s office (locked) until picked up by the artists during the next two days, or longer if storage arrangements must be made. If longer than two weeks, after July 5th, the artwork will be removed to storage to await pickup by the artists by appointment. Storage and handling fees of $10.00 a week will be collected to retrieve the artwork. After the pickup dates of the exhibition from the library, that is, after July 5th, the artwork is left at the artist’s own risk and liability. For those shipping artwork, a $25.00 repacking and handling fee for shipping the works back in addition to the return postage is required. Works will be professionally packed and shipped back in the same containers and wrapping they were shipped to the library in. I understand that my artworks in the Bin will be my own responsibility, although volunteers will be monitoring them during the reception at all times and utmost care will be taken for their safety. I agree to remove my bin artwork after the opening reception.  I agree to display my accepted works on the HTFL’s website for the duration of the show. I agree to sign off on my work when it is removed from the library at the show’s closing, and, for the security of everyone involved, to show photo identification, such as a license or passport, to carry the artwork away. I have made a nonrefundable payment of $35.00 plus any extra fees due via __mailed check or __money order to “Art of the Garden” Friends of the HTFL, P.O.Box 264, Merion, PA 19066 I have read the guidelines for this show and agree that entering the “Art of the Garden” is an agreement to abide by the guidelines as written.

______________________Signature of Artist________Date

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