Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Art of the Garden Questions

must oils on canvas be framed if painted all sides?

I also paint my canvasses around the sides and I think they look quite nice that way. I think that gives the purchaser the ability to choose a frame that fits for them, if they feel they need one. So yes, they are acceptable without frames if painted around the edges and with a strong wire and eyescrews attached to the stretcher.

...and does the art for the bins need to be in the same ‘garden’ theme?

The art for the bins should be in the same garden theme, but the definition of garden will be a broad one for this show, and can include even abstract gardens, such as a garden of ideas, etc....I will write a curator's statement in the next day or two and post it on this blogsite, I was also able to "take over" thanks to the good graces of its previous owner.

I was wondering if you are accepting giclees in the bin portion of the show. I have one signed and numbered limited edition giclee I would consider placing in the bin. What do you think?

Yes, giclees are accepted, even for the works on the wall. The bin pictures do not have to be titled and listed, etc. They are the responsibility of the artists, though there will be Friends of the HTFL watching them during the reception. But they won't come under the insurance umbrella the way the wall pieces will....Laura

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